Usurbe: the tower of Goierri

Mount Usurbe, crowned by a gigantic antenna, belongs to the Murumendi massif. It rises over the towns of Beasain and Ordizia.

The most common route starts from the neighboring town of Beasain, the capital of the Goierri region.


00:00 Parish of Our Lady of the Assumption (180 m.). We begin the ascent to Mount Usurbe in this church. Its construction has gone through several stages, so you can appreciate different architectural styles, from late Gothic to Baroque, passing through the Renaissance.

From the upper part of the temple there is a path that goes up to the north between orchards. At the first fork, shortly after starting, we continue to the left.

We cross a cement track and continue uphill following our path until we reach the road in the Erauskin neighbourhood.

12:30 p.m. Erauskin neighborhood (325 m). We continue the ascent by asphalt.

We turn to the right to visit the hermitage of San Andrés. A cemented path leads us to it. We first pass through Erauskinzar and then continue down until we reach the chapel.

We return to the road to continue the ascent to Mount Usurbe. We leave the Arteta farmhouse behind us.

01:00 a.m. Turn left towards Usurbe (490 m). We come to a crossroads. An indication post indicates Usurbe to the left. We take this option.

01:05 a.m. Usurbe farmhouse (570 m). The road ends at the farmhouse. We go up the stony path that initially runs parallel to a thorn fence. We are in an area of ​​predominantly green pastures.

01:10 a.m. Metal fence (590 m). We leave our path to cross a metal fence and continue along the path that climbs in a demanding way. We walk along the crest of Mount Usurbe until we reach its top.

01:25 a.m. Summit of Mount Usurbe (700 m). At the top we find a large concrete cross and a gigantic telecommunications antenna.

Return: We can return by the cement track that starts from the summit. It will take us to the crossroads marked by Usurbe, before passing through the Agorta pass.