Murumendi: the home of the “Lady of Murumendi”

Belonging to the Murumendi massif, it represents its maximum height and gives it its name. It is the most emblematic mountain in Beasain and Ordizia for its wide views of Goierri, Aralar and Ernio. It has a wide mythological tradition with a multitude of legends about Mari, Gentiles and Lamias.


00:00 Ordizia station. We start the ascent to Mount Murumendi from the Ordizia train station. We go along Juan Amezketa street, continue along Ordizia street and then through Egutera Bidea.

We immediately link up with the PR-GI 53 to continue the ascent along the extremely steep paved road.

12:20 p.m. Arramendi (326m). We arrive at an area with a couple of houses, a place where two paths that go up from Ordizia meet. We continue the ascent along the road following the yellow and white markings.

At the next bend we take a track to the left that accompanies the PR and leave the asphalt.

12:35 p.m. Detour to the right (420 m). We take a trail to the right following the PR to appear after about 15 minutes on a cobbled track along which we continue the ascent.

01:05 a.m. Idoiaga Behekoa and Goikoa farmhouses (615 m). We pass the farmhouses to continue along the obvious path.

01:35 a.m. Crossing (715m). When we reach a stop, we ignore the path that starts to the right marked out with yellow and white markings to continue on our track.

We immediately appear on a cobbled path that comes from the Garín neighborhood. We continue the ascent to Mount Murumendi through it until we reach a fork and take the middle option. We share the route for a stretch with the Camino de Santiago.

1:50 a.m. Fork (780 m). We pass by the Arrapaitz spring and come to a fork to continue to the right, which will take us to the top of Mount Murumendi.

02:00 a.m. Summit of Mount Murumendi (868 m). We finish the ascent to Mount Murumendi, an excellent viewpoint of Goierri, Aralar and Ernio.