Sustainable experience

The world changes by example. For this reason, at the Hotel we offer a sustainable experience with the environment, in which, in addition, we encourage you to continue on our way. 

Recycling and Reuse

Hotel Ordizia is a low-energy building in which ecological hygiene and cleaning products are used. In addition, we promote the recycling and reuse of products, all with the intention of minimizing the negative environmental impact of our activity.

Local suppliers

At Hotel Ordizia we promote the sustainable development of Ordizia and Goierri, working as much as possible with local suppliers. With us you can live a complete local experience, for example, browsing the internet of a telecommunications operator in Ordizia, tasting gastronomic products from local producers or simply enjoying the comfort of our furniture made in Gipuzkoa.


At Hotel Ordizia we want to be part of the community and at the same time that the community participates in the life of the Hotel. We are promoting collaboration with different local entities and associations, so that together we can organize activities, events, talks, workshops and other initiatives that generate cultural and social value. For this we have the Txindoki Terrace that will serve as a community meeting point.