Txindoki: The Basque “Matterhorn”

The great mountain that presides over the view from Ordizia is an excellent vantage point from which to admire the entire region of Goierri, and beyond, with its 1,346 meters. It is also often called “Larrunarri” or “Ñañarri” in the area. It is located in the Sierra de Aralar, within the idyllic natural park of the same name.

The most prominent and popular route to reach the top of this mountain starts from the popular neighborhood of Larraitz, in the village of Abaltzisketa, in the neighboring region of Tolosaldea.

From there, a duly signposted path starts after the large existing car park, always surrounded by pastures surrounded by cows and horses. The trail advances between continuous climbs with exceptional views of the surroundings.

More information of one of the most recommended trails to surround this giant of nature: https://www.gipuzkoanatura.eus/es/red/-/ibilbide/PR-Gi_2005

After reaching the top, when we return to Larraitz, we can recharge our batteries in the many catering establishments located there.

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