Aizkorri: the highest mountain range in Gipuzkoa

The highest mountains in Gipuzkoa are located in the Sierra de Aizkorri. As if it were a great wall, the Aizkorri mountain range seems to fall on the town of Zegama, in the Goierri region. On the other side, like a green oasis, the open fields of Urbia stretch out, dotted with shepherds’ huts and animals such as sheep, cows…

From these fields we can climb various peaks in the area: Aizkorri, Aitxuri (the highest mountain in Gipuzkoa at 1,551 metres), Aketegi…

At the end of these fields, there is also the thousand-year-old Tunel de San Adrián, through which the Camino de Santiago runs. In the central area of ​​Urbia, we can visit a hermitage and regain strength at the well-known Fonda de Urbia.

This entire area is part of a large natural park (Aizkorri-Aratz) shared by Gipuzkoa and Alava.

More information to explore this great natural park:

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