Osinberde: Nature in all its glory

Osinberde is definitely a magical place, an oasis in the middle of the forest, a dream place that surprises you and leaves you speechless.

The way to get there is easy, as it is only 3.5 km in total. You can start the route from the Arkaka Water Interpretation Center in the town of Zaldibia, and from there you will follow the trail of the Amundarainerreka river. You will immediately immerse yourself in the forest and leave behind the noises of the town, you will be in nature. As you progress, the gorge will narrow, and you will witness an increasingly wild and bushy vegetation. This will take you to the well and waterfall of Osinberde. It is a wonderful place, intimate, perfect to sit for a moment listening to the sounds of water and nature and connect with yourself. We ask you to please respect this environment, take care of it, so we can keep it forever, this little treasure that we need to preserve.