Goierri: A trip to the heart of the Basque Country

The region of Goierri is a wonder, it looks like a dreamlike place, as if it were a story.

If you come from the city and approach Goierri, the first thing that will catch your attention are the impressive green mountains like in a movie. The other thing you will see immediately are the small houses in the middle of the mountains, the animals grazing, the sheep, the horses, all a landscape of nature that makes you think you have been transported to a magical place. It calls attention to how everything coexists with the normal rhythm of life in 19 towns, most of them with less than 1000 inhabitants, which will surprise you with their excellent gastronomy, history and Basque culture.

Our region is located between the Natural Park of Aralar and the Natural Park of Aizkorri-Aratz, which makes it very attractive for the exercise of different types of outdoor sports, from hiking, trekking, running, cycling, etc.

If you come to Goierri for sure what you will find will be a completely different life, clean air, natural and local products produced in the area, millions of amazing natural landscapes, but above all, days of freedom and tranquility to disconnect from routine and stress of the rhythm of life we ​​lead. Enjoy the interior of the Basque Country in your own way among all the alternatives that the 19 villages of Goierri give you. Admire its mountains and natural parks and meet its people and enjoy its culinary tradition and history.

If you have planned to visit San Sebastián, Goierri is the ideal place to stay because it is only 30 minutes from it and will allow you to make excursions of all kinds, have new and different rural experiences, enjoy the gastronomy and the culture and history of the region In the high areas, the oldest remains of human life are found: both in the Sierra de Aralar and in that of Aizkorri we find tumuli and menhirs of thousands of years. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the riches that El Goierri has to offer, for that, the region has 9 tourist offices where you can get advice to make the most of your stay.

You can reach Goierri from any capital of the Basque Country both by car and by train and bus connections. You can also travel by plane from one of the airports located near Goierri.